Tent camping – unforgettable fun for every family

Spending your holiday tent camping is an experience you’re likely to remember for a long time. Every part of your holiday in a camping resort is a great way to bond with your friends and family – from building the tent, to making food, enjoying the nature or even stargazing. Outdoor camping is suitable for everyone, from nature lovers to sports fans and children. With the introduction of large camping resorts, enjoying your holiday camping in a tent has become more luxurious and accessible. Outdoor camping is affordable and can be the most authentic holiday experience you can get.


Campsite Koren also offers places for large groups and scouts.


Outdoor tent camping


Eco camping resort in Slovenia

For those of you who enjoy the charms of unspoiled nature, tent camping in Slovenia’s Kamp Koren is definitely a dream holiday. The surrounding Soča Valley is full of picturesque rivers, mountains and waterfalls. The outdoor camping resort in Kamp Koren is also an eco-friendly camping resort, leaving no environmental imprint. Eco camping in Slovenia is an opportunity to enjoy guilt-free holidays, while still charging your personal batteries for the rest of your year. While enjoying the mesmerising nature of the camping site, you will get quality rest and draw energy from the positive environment around you. Tent camping is thus not only a holiday for your body, it’s a perfect nurturing place for your mind and spirit.


Outdoor camping, sport activities, herb gardens and more!

Kamp Koren provides visitors with much more than just regular tent camping. The camping site offers personalised activity packages and a wide range of sporting opportunities, including adrenaline sports. The camping resort is also supplied by a range of local farmers, providing visitors with fresh fruit and drinks. Camping in a tent can also fulfill your creative energies and provide you with herb gardens and cycling paths. The camping resort also offers wifi facilities. If you’re looking for more details on outdoor camping in Slovenia, make sure to contact us.