The charming valley of River Soča

Soca river activities and accommodation

If you’re planning a trip to Slovenia, then visiting the valley of River Soča should definitely be on your bucket list. The valley of River Soca is a unique natural haven in western Slovenia and visitors can enjoy everything from waterfalls, beautiful old bridges to nearby Kobarid mountains. What’s more, valley of River Soča is of major historical importance to Slovenia, having been one of the major front lines in World War II. Ernest Hemingway wrote about the valley of River Soča in his seminal work, A Farewell to Arms. Spending your holidays in Soča Valley is a unique experience, packed with astounding nature, as well as historical significance.

Finding accommodation in Soča Valley

The ever growing eco-friendly camping facility in Kamp Koren is the perfect accommodation in Soča Valley. It attracts visitors of all ages with its wide range of activities, sports facilities, bike rentals and playground facilities for the youngest. Camping in Slovenia’s Soča Valley is an experience that stays with you for a lifetime, as Soča charms you with its many attractions. Kamp Koren accommodation in the valley of River Soča is a -certified eco-friendly camping facility and offers unforgettable holidays in Soča Valley for your entire family.

Soča Valley – holidays for everyone

Kamp Koren accommodation in Soča Valley grants you with an authentic experience of holidays in the Soča Valley. The beautiful facility offers 3- or 5-day activity packages and a range of sporting activities. You can make the most out of your holidays in Soča Valley by discovering the river by kayaking and rafting. Paragliding, also offered by the Kamp Koren accommodation in Soca Valley also offers some of the most spectacular views on the valley of River Soča. For the more adventurous souls, this is an experience you don’t want to miss!