Campsite Koren presentation

The second home for modern adventure seekers

Koren Kobarid Campsite is the second home for contemporary adventure seekers. It is situated on the left bank of the river Soča, not far from Kobarid, where the emerald green river Soča flows from the narrow gorge, slows down on the beautiful white gravel river bank and meanders through the Soča Valley.

Maybe you want to get your adrenaline going in the air, on the wild river rapids or on the nearby natural climbing walls. Or maybe you prefer the peace of the unspoilt nature, which you can enjoy on hiking or biking tours or during flyfishing.

Here, you can find sanctuary from everyday stress and stifling summer heat of the cities. Also in the hottest days, Koren Kobarid Campsite offers pleasant refreshment and numerous possibilities for active leisure time for the young and the old.

In the immediate vicinity of the campground, the river Soča has formed a short, but picturesque canyon, there are also beautiful gravel river banks, the waterfalls of the stream Kozjak and a renovated front line from the First World War. Not far away, in Kobarid, you can visit the Museum of the First World War, which is considered as one of the best museums in Europe.

Koren Campsite was one of the first Slovene campsite to be awarded the Ecolabel, the European certificate for ecotourism.

The river Soča rises in the heart of the Julian Alps and with regard to its upper stream, it is considered as one of the five naturally best preserved rivers in the Alps.


Why Koren Kobarid Campsite?

The respect of nature and fellow human beings is a virtue which has been the aim of Koren Campsite ever since it was established. When in 1991 we established a campsite on the terraces above the left bank of the river Soča, there were only few tourists in this part of the Soča Valley, and even less travellers with tents, kayaks and backpacks. Koren Campsite, as well as many tourists in the Soča Valley at the time, was the first in its field. It was the first campsite in the area of Kobarid and Tolmin, and since then it is considered as the one that first introduces new changes in camping tourism in this area.

More than 20 years of tradition have not put us to sleep, but have stimulated us to continue improving what we offer. Each year, we prepare something new for our guests and maybe this is why more than one third of our guests comes back every year. Some of them come back even more often, since the river Soča offers a completely different experience in spring as it does in autumn, when the area glows with autumn colours.

When we take up a new endeavour, we always think of nature and our guests at the same time, because we want to offer a nature-friendly stay. We are aware of the fact that nature provides us with everything we need: life, wisdom, peace, happiness, joy, freedom, food for body and soul. The acquirement of the European Ecolabel for an environment-friendly campsite was a logical step on our way. We are very proud of the fact that we are the first Slovene campsite to be awarded the European Ecolabel. We hope that some other Slovene campsite will join us soon.

We are also proud of some other awards and titles: The tourist guide Cool Camping Europa ranked Koren Campsite in top 20 European destinations for the fans of nature and camping. We are also recommended by the largest European guide ADAC, and also by the renowned British camping guide Alan Rogers, which selected our campsite to be the winner of the Rented Accommodation Award 2010 due to the top-quality accommodation in our wooden chalets.