Kobarid accommodation in the heart of Soča

Finding the most authentic accommodation in Kobarid has never been easier. Right in the heart of Soča Valley is Kamp Koren, an eco-friendly camping site and eco-chalets accommodation. This growing eco facility is the perfect accommodation in Kobarid, suitable for people of all ages and lifestyles. Apart from accommodation in Kobarid, it also offers herb gardens, playground facilities for children, a plethora of sporting activities, activity packages and a supply of local food.


Kobarid accommodation and attractionsKobarid – Slovenia’s pride of nature

Slovenia’s Kobarid has an intrinsic beauty of nature, unspoiled by the modern world and ready to charm you at every step. Among the many Kobarid attractions are Kozjak waterfalls, Bridge of Napoleon and numerous archaeological sites. Slovenia’s Kobarid, particularly the River Soča, is imprinted in the minds of Slovenian people because of the events of World War II. River soča in Slovenia’s Kobarid was a major front line. Dedicated to its memory is the Kobarid Museum, voted Best European Museum in 1993. Even aside from the main Kobarid attractions, the scenic nature is so picturesque that every part of this area looks like a scene from an adventure film.


Rent a bike in Kobarid – fun and affordable

If your choice of accommodation in Kobarid is the eco-friendly Kamp Koren, then you will be able to reap many benefits, including renting a bike in Kobarid. Renting a bike in Kobarid is simple and affordable. You can do so at the reception of Kamp Koren. Moreover, renting a bike in Kobarid will get you in touch with the local community and let you discover the astonishing nature of Slovenia’s Kobarid at your own pace. More information on Kobarid accommodation, renting a bike in Kobarid, camping in Slovenia, photo gallery and contact information can be accessed via Kamp Koren’s multilingual website.