Kayaking on Soča River – a thrilling adventure

If you’re not certain where to spend your kayaking holidays, then the beautiful surroundings of River Soča might convince you. Kayaking on Soča River is the ultimate experience for everyone with a passion for this sport. Kayaking on Soča River offers one of the most astounding views of the nature and offers a thrilling experience. All the necessary information regarding kayaking on Soča River can be found at the reception of Kamp Koren, an eco-friendly camping facility in the heart of the Soča Valley. The campsite offers a wide range of other water and sports adventures, including rafting, paragliding, hiking and cycling. Kayaking on Soča River will get you in touch with the nature and yourself, while guaranteeing you with breathtaking views. Kayaking holidays with your friends or family are an active way of spending your summer days and will provide great fun for everyone involved.


Unsurpassed beauty of Soča – most beautiful place to kayak

River Soča, with its unparalleled mixture of green and blue shades, is regarded as one of the most beautiful places to kayak. Soča offers the cleanest water and stunning views of unspoiled nature around it. With its clear, light blue colour, Soča is one of the most beautiful places to kayak. Taking everything into account, kayaking on Soča River is the ultimate thing to experience during your trip to Slovenia.


Kayaking holidays for your entire family

The more time you spend kayaking, the more exciting and fun it becomes. Booking your kayaking holidays for a week or two will this ensure you with enough time to get better and better at this thrilling water sport. Your kayaking holidays can be made even better by spending time in eco chalets or camping in eco campsite Kamp Koren. The campsite offers fresh local food, playground facilities, climbing wall and much more. More information on kayaking on Soča River and other ways of spending your holidays in one of the most beautiful places to kayak can be accessed via Kamp Koren’s multilingual website https://www.kamp-koren.si/en. Kayaking on Soča is a decision you’ll never regret!


Kayaking Soča river Kayaking in river Soča, Slovenia