Kamp Koren – unique eco camping in Slovenia

Environmentally safe ways of spending your summer holidays have been gaining much attention in the past few years and rightfully so. Among them is eco friendly camping, which leaves behind no trace whatsoever and is designed to achieve a healthy coexistence with the nature around it. Slovenia’s leading eco campsite resort Kamp Koren is regarded as an opportunity to enjoy eco-friendly camping in luxury and maximum comfort. Eco friendly camping there doesn’t have to compromise your holiday comfort either. The eco campground resort offers rental facilities as well as many bonus services (bike hire, internet access, paragliding). If you’re not to keen on camping, the offer also includes luxurious eco chalet as well as caravan sites.

Eco-friendly camping in the mesmerising Soča Valley

When it comes to eco-camping, Slovenia is the perfect destination with its abundance of forests, water resources and greenery. Combined with the peaceful environment of Soča River in western Slovenia, eco-friendly camping there is not just another holiday. It’s a trip filled with radiant nature and positive energy.
Eco-friendly camping in Slovenia’s beautiful Kamp Koren involves more than just the protection of natural resources offered by other eco-friendly camping facilities across Europe. It offers an eco-friendly store within the campground which provides visitors with fresh seasonal food as well as herb gardens which can be used free of charge. Furthermore, eco-friendly camping Koren is supplied by a chain of local farms, providing visitors with cheese, honey, dried meat products and more.


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Eco friendly resort with history


Eco-friendly camping in Slovenia is not a novelty, having received the European Ecolabel certificate back in 2011. The facilities have been expanding and improving ever since, granting you with eco-friendly camping in luxury. More information on eco-friendly camping in Kamp Koren, including contact information, pricing and photo galleries can be accessed via the website www.kamp-koren.si/en. Given the range of options and certified quality of stay, eco-friendly camping in Slovenia’s Soča Valley is far from your usual camping experience. The eco campsite resort offers a wide range of events and activities, including outdoor climbing walls, gear rental and sports activities such as volleyball, table tennis and pétanque. Eco friendly camping in Kamp Koren also includes attracting 3- or 5-day activity packages that are completely suited to your own wishes and designed to make your eco-friendly camping in Slovenia a highly personlised stay.