Eco camping sites – a touch of nature

Be a part of eco-friendly revolution and plan a trip to Soča camping resort in Slovenia’s beautiful green valley. Eco camping sites across Europe are developing with full speed and amongst them is the eco-friendly camping resort in Kamp Koren. If you want to spend your holidays camping in the unparalleled beauty of Soča river, then look no further. A unique eco camping site is designed to grant you with endless events and activities as well as realize all your special holiday wishes. Its 3- or 5-day activity packages are completely personalised and designed to make your eco friendly camping in Slovenia an experience you will never forget.


Camping in Slovenia’s mesmerising Soča valley

Apart from offering a wide range of activities, the eco camping site in Kamp Koren provides a true and sustainable coexistence with nature. Eco friendly camping there is an affordable, yet unforgettable holiday experience! The eco camping site is open to everyone, young and old alike, and is the perfect opportunity for your family holiday. Moreover, eco camping site in Kamp Koren is a unique way to spend adventurous holidays with your friends or even enjoy it as a couple. Camping in Slovenia will bring a breath of fresh air into your life and fill you with energy for the rest of the year. Furthermore, choosing eco friendly camping facilities will not be a heavy burden to the local environment, which is usually the case with more traditional holiday resorts.


Eco camping sitesEco friendly camping in Kamp Koren

What sets Kamp Koren apart from other camping holidays is not just its eco-friendly element. It’s the wholesome approach that pairs your camping experience with both the nature and local environment. Spending your time camping in Slovenia’s Soča valley will get you in touch with nature, as you will be able to enjoy outdoor sporting activities as well as plan trips to the neighbour towns. The eco camping site supports a chain of local suppliers, providing the campsite with fresh fruit and a range of other local food, such as cheese and dried meat. If you’re looking for more details on how to make the most out of your eco friendly camping in Slovenia, feel free to visit Kamp Koren’s multilingual website