Eco campsite

Eco camping Koren KobaridThis is where the home of nature-friendly ecotourism is

The nature-friendly orientation of Koren Campsite is one of our basic features and the main obligation to nature and our guests. Everything in the campsite is organised with regard to nature and the protection and care of natural resources. Moreover, we strive to offer as many products from the local ecological cultivation in our store. 

Eco products

In the store, which operates within the campground, fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables from the nearby farms and other local specialities, such as cheese, local Slovene honey, dried meat products, herbs, aromatic plants and more, are always available. In the campsite, we laid out some herb gardens, where for free of charge our guests can gather fresh herbs for their soup, risotto or grilled fish.

Eco label for Camp KorenEU Ecolabel

Koren Campsite was the first Slovene campsite that in 2011 fulfilled the required criteria for the acquirement of the European Ecolabel for the environment-friendly campsite. Due to the many years of striving towards nature-friendly tourism and ecological arrangements, we had no problems acquiring this certificate.

We are aware of the fact that nature is the source of our lives, and this is why we respect it. We make sure that we use as many reusable containers as possible. For heating the water, we use the energy from renewable energy sources (solar cells), we save water, use rainwater for watering the plants, instead of environmentally harmful detergents we use natural, degradable cleaning agents (i.e. vinegar), we recycle and expect the same from our guests.


Eco certificate Kamp Koren